Follow the links below to find some of my writing and thoughts about recent trips and development of skills for leadership in the mountains.

What's New: Articles from New Routes in China

Mountain Beta: Haba Xueshan (哈巴雪山  ||  5396m/17807ft.) Normal Route

The most up-to-date info on Haba's normal route, including where to stay in town, where to find a nice camping spot, and how to beat potential crowds on summit day!

Older STUFF (2012-2015): Thoughts on Life in the Alpine

Mt. Russell's Fishhook Arête: Thoughts on Alpine Logistics and Leadership

Mt. Stuart's North Ridge: Packing Light for Technical Alpine Routes



石门关/Shimenguan Gorge

爽朗/Hardcore Crag

万仙山国家公园/Wanxian Mountain Park (National Park)