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Casual Gunkage: Spring Climbing in the Gunks

The Shawangunk Ridge, better known as "The Gunks" is one of the meccas of climbing on the East Coast. These cliffs sport a variety of trad routes with long histories and famous climbers behind many first ascents. The crag really took off as a destination with the arrival of the notorious "Vulgarians," who pioneered many of the modern, hard free routes, building off of the work already put in place by earlier generations. The Gunks is THE place to go in the Northeast for a good day out on the cliffs.

Winter in the Whites

The White Mountains of New Hampshire is one of the premiere destinations for climbing activities in all season. Winter is particularly special, as the area is blessed with conditions and geography to make for some incredible route lines and outings. The mountains of New Hampshire may not be the tallest out there, but they certainly pack a lot into a little space!

Cascades 2013

The Cascades is the Pacific Northwest is a mountain range with a history as diverse as its mountains. The Cascade volcanoes have been one of the epicenters of American alpinism. The rugged non-volcanic peaks from the Central Cascades all the way up to Washington Pass bear hundreds of classic routes, many of which are the creations of legendary climbing veteran, Fred Beckey.

Trans-Pacific Dispatches: Climbing Development in China


Many know that China is fast becoming a focal point for international power, politics, and business. But it is also has the potential to become the new international climbing mecca. Unclimbed rock and mountains abound in the western interior, and this portfolio represents only a tiny fraction of the exciting development that is happening in the country. So get out there!


Adventures in America

Climbing and mountaineering has such a rich and colorful history in the US. While illustrious classic routes endure, there are even new routes cropping up in some of our favorite crags and ranges. The portfolio below is a showcase of just the surface of this wonderful climbing diversity.


Epic Panoramas

Life is better when you can see more than 180º at any given time. 

Alpine Surfaces: Distant Lands of Qinghai and Gansu Provinces

The wind-swept steppes of Qinghai and Gansu provinces in western China make for dramatic landscapes of the beautiful yet harsh landscapes of the greater highlands of the country. Travels through the provinces can take you anywhere from 5000m peaks to crowded riverside metropolises.