Being a versatile photography and videography group, the ICC also produces video shorts for artists and small businesses. Below you can find some of the work produced outside of the world of climbing.

On Press: Printing George Whitman's Untitled (Landscape II)

Center Street Studio is pleased to present a video short on the printing of George Whitman's newest work with CSS: "Untitled (Landscape II)." This short is a look at the process that goes into printing this incredibly detailed, beautifully crafted plate.

Moving Day for an Etching Press

Part one of a two part series. Center Street Studio moved a 2300-lbs. etching press as an installation in the CSS booth for the AD 20/21 show at the Boston Center for the Arts, Cyclorama Building in Boston's South End. The task entailed craning solid pieces of steel weighing 500 lbs. and a big metal frame down multiple stories and moving them in time for the show. 

Stay tuned for the second video of the press in action printing artist George Whitman's lioness etching as a demo for show visitors!