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Liming Rock, 6th Edition

Now available for purchase in Mainland China and East Asia

Available in North America and Europe starting June 28th, 2017

By: Mike Dobie

Design and Editing: Ryder Stroud and Ana Pautler

The authoritative guide to China's trad climbing mecca is getting an overhaul! The new guidebook to Liming is chock full of new topos and media made just for the new edition, including newly released photos from climbing photographer Garrett Bradley. With more routes going up with each new edition, Liming is becoming a place for both cragging and new routing, and this book has it all!  New editions will also be available in the Faraway Hotel in Liming Village around the new year. 

See Mike's website here, and don't forget to check out his other guidebooks, too!

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Wild West China Route Guide

by: Ryder Stroud

China's western mountainous regions are home not just to high peaks for the mountaineer but with rock walls of all types waiting to see climbers on their flanks. The Wild West book is a compilation of various areas in which the Wild West China team (Mike Dobie, Ana Pautler, Ryder Stroud, Raúl Saúco, and Dan Jerke) established new routes. Though it is just a single summer's sampling of the wealth of climbing China has to offer, it is one of the few resources that exist on this topic with this much depth, featuring rich photos, topos, and descriptions on getting to these new locations.

Many thanks to Black Diamond, Goal Zero, Dali Bar, and Climb Dali in support of this guidebook.

Download the Wild West China Exploration Route Guide, here.

Liming Rock (4th edition)

by Michael Dobie

The definitive guide to China's sandstone trad mecca written by one of Liming's pioneering climbers, Liming Rock is the best resource for climbing in China's trad capital. With over 200 routes and 300 pitches of climbing, Liming is the destination for plugging gear in Asia. The book also features loads of potential routes that have yet to see an ascent! Whether you are a vacation climber or a developer looking for first ascents, the Liming guidebook has all the info you need.

Available for purchase from Michael's website, here.

Daocheng Bouldering

by: Michael Dobie

While the book is entitled Daocheng Bouldering, this guidebook encompasses a much broader number of areas and routes in western Sichuan. Daocheng Bouldering also contains key beta for destinations like Zhajinjiabo, China's granite alpine playground, Haizi Shan Preserve, and the high peaks of the Litang-Batang area.

Available for purchase from Michael's website, here.

Keketuohai Climbing Routebook (edition 2015)

by: Ola Przybysz

The authoritative guidebook on China's granite multipitch paradise, Keketuohai. With cragging, multipitch up to 10 pitches, and endless development opportunity, Keketuohai will be a center for high-quality trad in China and internationally. With routes including those established all the way to the end of 2014, the new 2015 edition is a great showcase for Keketuohai as a destination for climbing and new development. Some new routes from 2015 are included in the Wild West China Route guide.

Download the Keketuohai Climbing Routebook, here.

Climb China (1st edition)

by: Ana Pautler, Kevin Wojton, and Karen Thang

The guide to every China vacation climber's dream, Climb China is the only published climbing guide on China that encompasses the best areas in the country. With a breadth stretching from Baihe and Guoliang and Getu to Kunming, Climb China is the book to buy if you are looking to explore many destinations on your climbing trip to the Middle Kingdom.

Purchase the Climb China Guidebook from Climb China's website, here.

Shuangqiaogou Ice Climbing

by: 小拓 (Torsten Treufeld) and 何川

The only  guide to Sichuan Province's and China's ice climbing capital: Shuangqiaogou. With routes from 50-500 meters in length beneath soaring 5000-meter peaks, Shuangqiaogou is the place to climb ice in Asia.

Download the Shuangqiaogou Ice Climbing Guide, here.

Dali Area Climbing (coming soon)


Dali, Yunnan Province, is not just a beautiful tourist and artist town nestled in the mountains of southwest China. It is also the home to a developing climbing and bouldering soon with a wealth of terrain on a variety of different stones. The book will include climbs in the immediate Dali area, Shuanglang crags, Shimenguan, and Shaxi area.